Notice to All
In case of any natural disasters, event of equipment, server, connections or datacenter problems. Any discrepancy of user account balance will be based on the Company’s data as final reference. If we found any abnormal transaction, system administrator has the full authority to ignore, void or delete transaction with notice.

The Company is aiming to provide true entertainment games to our users. We do not encouraging any means of gambling activity.

如有任何自然災害,設備,服務器,連接或數據中心問題的事件。 用戶賬戶餘額的任何差異將根據本公司的數據作為最終为标准。 如果我們發現有任何不正常的交易,系統管理員有充分的權力忽略,無效或刪除事務,会另行通知。